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Cluny Farm is situated in a beautiful country setting in Sun Valley north of Johannesburg. Formed in 1962 by Mrs Helene McDougall on an eight-hectare plot donated by the Krause family for the care of intellectually impaired adults.

The organisation has acquired other pockets of land for expansion purposes and the farm now measures 42 hectares in size.


Is to provide a Home for Life together with an enabling environment for the self-development of adults living with intellectual disabilities to live a full and meaningful life.


To offer a secure and happy home where every resident feels safe, loved and are a valued and productively involved member of our community. Develop the potential of every resident through our therapeutic services, vocational activities, training, sporting activities and support.

Continue to be an integrated, recognised, and valued member of our local community in Sun Valley and of the broader care community in South Africa.

To be a viable and financially sustainable organisation to continue to serve our stakeholders in the years to come.


Cluny Farm Centre is a registered and compliant Non Profit Organisation situated in Sunvalley, Kyalami, Johannesburg. The Centre is a non-racial facility that provides both residential and day care services to our beneficiaries.

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