Healthy Living, Healthy Athletes!!

A lot of the athletes do not know the importance of taking proper care of their health. It is for that reason that the Special Olympics Gauteng arranged the Health Awareness Day.

On this day, two of our residents together with two coaches represented Cluny Farm at the event where information was shared on the various ways of taking care of our bodies as athletes. Factors such as nutrition and exercise, hygiene, HIV/AIDS, emotions and a healthy lifestyle was discussed and athletes were empowered.

Furthermore, Cluny Farm has been invited to be part of the Annual Healthy Screening, where specialists such as dentists, audiologists, optometrists and ophthalmologists, occupational therapists, podiatrists and general practitioners will be assessing the athletes. We are truly grateful to have Special Olympics as our partner.


Cluny Farm Centre is a registered and compliant Non Profit Organisation situated in Sunvalley, Kyalami, Johannesburg. The Centre is a non-racial facility that provides both residential and day care services to our beneficiaries.

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